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Generic Structure Explanation Text, Complete!

Definition of Explanation Text

Generic Structure Explanation Text – Explanation Text adalah salah satu jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris yang menjelaskan suatu proses. Berbicara tentang proses, teks ini hampir sama dengan teks prosedur. Namun, jika teks prosedur menjelaskan cara melakukan sesuatu (proses), teks ini menjelaskan bagaimana proses itu terjadi. Dengan begitu, kita bisa tahu bahwa teks penjelasan berfungsi untuk memberikan informasi kepada pembaca tentang suatu proses.

Generic Structure Explanation Text: Characteristics 

  • Menggunakan Simple Present Tense
    Teks ini menggunakan Simple Present Tense karena teks ini menjelaskan fakta.
  • Menggunakan Action Verbs yakni kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menggambarkan suatu tindakan yang sedang terjadi. Contohnya adalah do, make, create, dan sebagainya.
  • Menggunakan Suara Pasif, penggunaan suara pasif bertujuan untuk menekankan fokus pada peristiwa yang terjadi daripada subjek.
  • Menggunakan Frasa Noun
  • Menggunakan Ketentuan Teknis
  • Istilah teknis ini merujuk pada istilah teknis yang terkait dengan topik yang dibahas dalam teks ini yaitu berisi penjelasan prosesnya.

Generic Structure of Explanation Text

Ada dua bagian dari Teks Penjelasan, yaitu:

  • General Statement
    Berisi tentang informasi umum tentang topik yang akan dibahas dalam teks.
  • Explanation
    Berisi pertemuan peristiwa-peristiwa (urutan peristiwa) dari suatu proses yang merupakan topik dari teks. Kita juga bisa menjelaskan dengan menggunakan pertanyaan tentang dan bagaimana, agar penjelasan yang kita sampaikan lebih lengkap.
  • Closing
    Bagian penutup atau penutup pilihan atau tidak perlu ada pada teks ini. Bagian ini dapat berisi informasi tambahan atau opini yang diajukan mengenai topik yang dibahas.

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How does Rain Happen?

We all know that rain is the main source of fresh water for most regions of the world, providing suitable conditions for diverse ecosystems. Rain is water that falls from the sky through several processes until the rain occurs. Do you know how it rains?

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The phenomenon of rain is actually a circle of water. The concept of a circle of water includes the sun which heats the surface of the earth and causes its surface to evaporate. Earth water includes water from lakes, rivers and oceans. Then, water vapor condenses and becomes condensation vapor. The condensed steam is formed from droplets so that when the air temperature is higher, it makes the droplets gather, condense and form into clouds. The presence of wind helps clouds move and gather in other places that have lower temperatures. At that time, the drops become heavier and unstoppable and cause the drops to fall so that there is rain.

If the drop falls in a very cold temperature, it drops like snow. However, not all rain reaches the surface. Some evaporate when falling through dry water. This is called Virga, a phenomenon that is often seen in hot and dry desert regions.


Contoh teks di atas adalah teks penjelasan karena teks ini menjelaskan tentang fenomena alam yang membahas hujan. Selain itu, teks memiliki karakteristik dan struktur yang sama dengan karakteristik dan struktur Teks Penjelasan, yaitu:

Fitur karakteristik:

  • Menggunakan Simple Present Tense
    Kita dapat melihat bahwa semua kalimat dalam teks ini menggunakan Simple Present Tense.
  • Menggunakan Action Verbs. Misalnya, pengalaman dan jatuhkan.
  • Menggunakan Suara Pasif. Misalnya, “Uap tebal terbentuk dari tetesan sehingga ketika suhunya lebih tinggi …”.
  • Menggunakan Frasa Noun. Misalnya saja permukaan air Bumi.
  • Menggunakan Ketentuan Teknis. Misalnya, evaporasi, kondensasi, dan Virga.
  • Berisi penjelasan tentang proses penerbitan hujan.

Generic Structure:

  • General Statement (paragraf 1)
    Pada paragraf ini berisi informasi umum tentang hujan.
  • Explanation (paragraf 2)
    Berisi tentang tahapan turunnya hujan.
  • Closing (paragraf 3)
    Bagian penutup atau penutup berisi informasi tambahan yang mengandung hujan yang turun di daerah dingin (salju) dan di daerah panas (Virga).

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Making Paper from Cood chips

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(General statement)
Do you know that paper is made of wood? Yes, the paper we use in everyday life is made of wood or trees. The process of making paper from wood is quite long. This process is called cutting wood. Wood chopping is a process used to get pulp and paper products from forest trees.

The process of cutting wood starts when trees are cut down in certain forest areas called kupes. Then the top and branches of the tree are cut and then the logs are taken to the factory. At the factory, bark is removed and wood is brought to the chipper which cuts it into small pieces called wood chips. Wood chips are then filtered to remove impurities and other impurities. At this stage they are exported in this form or converted to pulp by chemicals and heat. The pulp is then bleached and the water content is removed.

Finally the pulp is rolled up to make paper.

Understanding the Tsunami Process

(General Statement)

In Indonesia in particular, we are very close to the word “Tsunami”. Indeed, natural disasters, this one never gives a scar to our nation. Several years ago, thousands of lives were lost in the tsunami sweeping in Banda Aceh. Indonesia mourns, the world mourns. The tsunami is not only Indonesian. All countries are bordered by the sea and have high potential for earthquake-prone earthquakes. One of them is a country that is powered by technology, Japan. Unfortunately, even though the tsunami is already so familiar, but not a few of us who do not really know about tsunamis. Such is the case with the tsunami issuance process itself. This article tries to answer the second question.


What Is a Tsunami?

The word “Tsunami” itself originates from Japan, which means big waves (Tsu: ports and Nami: wave). Definition Adapts that agree much about tsunamis are natural disasters caused by rising sea waves to land at high speed due to earthquakes centered under the sea. The quake might have been caused by a landslide, earth plates shifted, volcanoes erupted and meteors fell in the ocean. This usually happens when a tsunami with a magnitude greater than 7 on the Richter scale. Tsunamis are quite dangerous, especially for those who live in the Coastal Environment. With great strength, he will sweep what is spent.

Tsunami Occurrence Process

If we talk about the process of talking about the tsunami, then of course we have to start from the cause, which is the earthquake zone at sea. Tsunamis always start the great movements that we usually call earthquakes. Although there are several types of earthquakes, but 90% of tsunamis are caused by the movement of plates in the bowels of the Earth that are moved there in the ocean. However, it must also be returned, history has never been recorded by tsunamis thinking about the eruption of Krakatoa.

Earthquakes that occur in the bowels of the Earth will experience increased pressure in the vertical direction so that the ocean floor will rise and fall in a short span of time. This will then discuss the imbalance in sea water which is then transferred into large waves that move the land area.

With great force on the airwaves, it is fair that buildings on the Mainland can be swept away easily. This tsunami wave propagates with unimaginable speed. He can reach 500 to 1000 kilometers per hour at sea. And when it reaches the shore, its speed decreases to 50 to 30 kilometers per hour. Although reduced quickly, but the move can cause severe damage to humans.
If we start the tsunami process, of course we know there is no human intervention in it.


Therefore, we have no control to prevent this cause. However, with maximum vigilance and preparation, we can resolve the tsunami itself. A good example of having tried Japan. Even though it is prone to tsunamis, public awareness can overcome the number of victims caused by disasters.

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