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Contoh Spoof Text beserta Pengertian, Struktur Teks, dan Ciri-Ciri

Pengertian Spoof Text

Contoh Spoof Text – Teks spoof adalah teks yang menceritakan kisah nyata yang terjadi di masa lalu dengan akhir yang tidak terduga dan lucu. Perbedaan dengan teks recount adalah recount yang mengundang pembaharuan sementara spoof text bertujuan untuk membahas komplikasi yang diakhiri dengan twist (hal-hal lucu dan tak terduga).

Contoh Spoof Text: Struktur Umum Spoof Text

  • Orientation (pengantar peserta cerita, di mana itu terjadi dan kapan. Dengan memberikan orientasi, pembaca akan mengenali cerita)
  • Event (menceritakan tentang kronologi sebuah cerita. Beberapa peristiwa dieksplorasi dengan cara kronologis yang dapat mengatur cerita sehingga dapat dibaca dengan benar.)
  • Twist (alur tak terduga di akhir cerita yang menghibur pembaca. Pembaca bahkan tidak memperkirakan bahwa itu akan terjadi sebelumnya)a spoof text bertujuan untuk membahas komplikasi yang diakhiri dengan twist (hal-hal lucu dan tak terduga)

Contoh Spoof Text: Ciri-Ciri Spoof Text

Teks spoof memiliki empat karakteristik yang membedakannya dari jenis teks bahasa Inggris lainnya, yaitu:

  •  Menggunakan Past Tense
  • Gunakan kata kerja aksi (Action Verb)
  • Gunakan kata keterangan waktu dan tempat
  • Dijelaskan secara kronologis
  • Berfokus pada peserta individu
  • Penggunaan proses material

Perbedaan antara Spoof Text dan Narrative Text

Kedua genre ini, Spoof Text dan Narrative Text, bagaimanapun, ada perbedaan mendasar antara perbedaan tersebut. Teks naratif untuk menarik pembaca dengan harapan pembaca dapat mengambil kebijaksanaan di balik cerita. Sementara Spoof memang mendukung pembicaraan, tetapi menekankan kelucuan cerita tentang mengambil kebijaksanaan. Dan di mana kelucuan cerita akan ditemukan di akhir cerita. Jadi kata kunci untuk teks trik adalah LUCU, jika tidak lucu maka itu bukan teks tipuan.

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Contoh Spoof Text

Uncle John’s Halloween Story

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When I was a child, every year starting at night, my uncle John would tell us about us kids about this Halloween story. That is the story of the trick he played in the grave. One night Uncle John saw his friend Eddie weaving home from a village pub. As John watched, he saw Eddie opening the church gate and taking a shortcut through the cemetery.

There is no doubt about Eddie being the worst to wear, and it seems confusing, really big to have to take the longer route home through the round ring. But then he shouted to anyone, “Where am I?”

John immediately answered, ‘Among the living’.

‘Where are you?’ Exclaimed Eddie ‘; John answered in the bleakest voice, ‘Among the dead’.

Eddie immediately regained consciousness, returned to his path, and traveled far around the churchyard. This time he preferred to pass the round ring, staying a minute longer among the tombstone spirits.

Behind the Story of the Zoo Work

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One day a clown visited a zoo and tried to earn money by making street shows. He acted and mimicked some of the animals’ actions perfectly. As soon as he started pushing the crowd, the zoo keeper caught him and dragged him to his office. The zoo keeper explained to the clown that the most popular gorilla in the zoo had been edited suddenly and the guards were afraid that attendance at the zoo would fall. So he offered the clown a job to dress like a gorilla until the zoo could get another. Clowns accept this great opportunity.

So the next morning the clown wore a gorilla suit and entered the cage before the crowd arrived. He felt it was a great job. He can sleep all he wants, play and make fun of people and he drives a bigger crowd than he ever did as a clown. He succeeded in pretending to be a gorilla.

However, eventually many people got bored with him because he just swung in the tire. He began to notice that people paid more attention to the lion in the next cage. Not wanting to lose the attention of his audience, he decided to make a spectacular show. He climbed to the top of his cage, crawled across the partition, and hung from above to the lion’s den. Of course, this makes the lion angry, but the crowd likes it.

At the end of the day the zoo keeper came and gave him a raise because it was a good attraction. Well, this went on for some time, he kept mocking the lion, the crowd grew bigger, and his salary kept going up. Then one terrible day happened. When he hung over the angry lion, he slipped and fell into the lion’s den. The clown was really in a terrible situation. He is scared.

Quickly the lion gather and get ready to pounce. The clown is very scared. He could not do anything and he began to run round and round in the cage with the lion close and closer behind. Finally, the lion can catch it. The clown began to scream and shout, “Help me, help me!”, But the lion was fast and pounced. The clown soon found himself on his back staring at an angry lion and suddenly he heard a voice from the mouth of a lion; “Shut up, idiot! Do you want us both fired?”

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Geography Test

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That day my class will do a Geography test. Everyone is busy studying. They did not even come out of class to go to the cafeteria during recess to study. Everyone feels that they have to study hard to get good grades. Actually not all students. Andy, known as a bad boy at school, was playing soccer with his friends from another class. “I can cheat,” he thought. Mr. Brian is a strict teacher. Cheating during a test is not easy. But somehow, Andy always managed to do it and finally got good grades.

Bell rings. All my class students enter. Then Mr. Brian arrived. He immediately distributed question sheets one by one to all students in the class. “Please do it yourself. One hour”, he said giving instructions. The first half hour was used by Andy to read the questions and try to do it himself. The harder he tries to remember, the more he forgets. All he could remember was the memory that he had been sentenced several times. He did not realize the time was running fast. At the moment, Mr. Brian said that they only have 15 minutes left. Of the 30 multiple choice questions, Andy only answered seven of them. Inevitably, Andy was asked to cheat from Hasan who was sitting in front of him. Hasan only showed his question sheet which also contained answers on the left side of his desk so that Andy could freely see it. Andy straightened, trying to cheat from behind.

“Thank yoi, Hasan” Andy told Hasan after the test was over.

Hasan just nodded. But before long he was surprised, “Andy, is your question the same as mine?”

“What do you mean?”

‘Well, you know … because everyone has different quetion sheets.”

“Damn, I forgot.” Andy’s face turned sour. He forgot that last week Brian said that the questions would be different from each other.

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